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Family Support Services

Family Support Services enables youths with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities to participate in extracurricular and enrichment activities that provide an opportunity for skill acquisition, generalization and interaction with Neuro-typical peers within the community.
Our weekend programs facilitate social activities that are geared toward increasing skills that will enable youths with disabilities to develop and generalize appropriate behaviors while building friendships with peers.
REC Club members participate in age-appropriate activities including:

  • Role Play Games
  • Meal Preparation
  • Board Games (Chess, consequences, HeadBanz, Jenga, etc.)
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Community Leisure (movies, bowling, shopping, etc.)
  • Outdoor Play (park)

Saturday REC Club Schedule

REC Club Ages: 3-20
Time: 12:00-4:00PM

After School Enrichment

Our After School program is open to youths 3-20 years of age. We facilitate learning through structured hands-on 30-45 minutes sessions (specials), homework help and independent or group activities (games, crafts, sensory play, and STEAM projects, meal preparation, and functional skills training). Learners participate in weekly activities planned and implemented utilizing science-based practices such as task analysis, natural environment teaching, modeling, prompting, and visual supports. The program also introduces music and yoga in order to give youths an opportunity to partake in musical expression and fitness.

Our programs aim to increase social skills, fine motor skills, expressive and receptive language and are carefully designed to be easily adaptable to varying abilities. This enables everyone to be successful which is important for building self-esteem.

In-Home Respite Services

Our programs are designed based on each individual’s interests and preferences in order to ensure individualized and purposeful activities. This enables us to capitalize on teaching opportunities while doing what our clients enjoy.

  • Take some time off. Sovereign caregivers will engage your participant in preferred activities approved by a parent/guardian. Always taking advantage of teaching and maintaining self-help skills that will contribute to improved self-esteem and independence.
  • Self-Hired Respite (DCF) Ages:3-20

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