Folding Ironed Clothes
Person Taping Box at Warehouse
Plant Nursery
Folding Ironed Clothes
Person Taping Box at Warehouse
Plant Nursery

Employment Skills Training 

Sovereign Care Services provide Employment Readiness to our clients that are referred to us at age 21 and beyond. We create goals based on each individual's preferences, strengths and weaknesses. Our programs help to prepare individuals for a career by teaching the skills necessary to be successful at our location. Through community partnership, our learners are paired with local companies, transitioning learned skills to the natural environment. On the job support is provided until independence is acquired. 

Programs (Ages: 21+)

Career Planning

We perform Individual assessment  to determine the interests, strengths and weakness of each person enrolled in order develop a goal and determine a prospective job match. Individuals who are not capable of communicating interests will be placed in job sampling activities to determine their strengths and weakness as well as their preferences. 

The following lessons will be taught as prerequisites:

  • Personal Hygiene

  • Workplace Attire

  • Communication at work

  • Applying for a job

  • Timecards

  • The interview

  • Self monitoring

Pre-Vocational Skills Training

After determining a job preference match, we assess the current skill level of the individual in order to determine which skill areas has been mastered, are still in acquisition or developing. Based on the results of this assessment, individualized plans will be implemented to increase and generalize skills. 

Job Training Programs


  • Folding Paper in Thirds

  • Stuffing and Sealing Envelopes

  • Labeling Envelopes

  • Filing by Numbers

  • Collating Envelopes

  • Stapling Papers

  • Folding Papers in Half

  • Sealing Papers for Mailing

  • Filing by Words or Letters

Food Service

  • Folding and Bagging Rectangle Napkins

  • Sorting and Bagging Utensils

  • Sorting Place-Setting Materials

  • Setting a Table

  • Sorting Coins

  • Counting and Bagging Coins

  • Folding and Bagging Diamond Napkins

  • Food preparation

  • Dishwashing

Grocery Store

  • Sorting Hard and Soft Items

  • Sorting Cold and Warm Grocery Items

  • Sorting Food and Cleaning Grocery Items

  • Stocking Grocery Store Items

  • Bagging Grocery Items

Contact us for a full list of Job Training Programs

Supported Employment

Sovereign Care Services create community partnership with local businesses that are in need of volunteers, full time or part time employees who provide opportunities for individuals with disabilities. To ensure each individual experience a successful transition our staff provide support on the job, fading their presence as the individual acquires independence. 

Behavior Management

In order to be successful on the job individuals are required to follow the established rules and codes governing all employees. We provide positive behavior supports, teaching appropriate behaviors that are needed to retain employment.


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